Copy for Diet or Protein Drinks – Creamy and Frothy


Sales Copy For Diet or Protein Drinks

Sales copy for drinks needs to be like the drink itself.

If you are talking about a diet drink you need to have the copy sound creamy and frothy so it sounds like they want it to taste.

Diet drink copy should really go after the pain point, that they need to lose weight.

Yet, it needs to say that the alternative product, the diet drink, is as tasty and wonderous as the doughnut they are missing out on.

The ideal diet shake needs to taste wonderful and give the drinker joy.

A good example of this is on the homepage of

They are discussing Ideal Shape Shake and the author says that they want the taste of the low carb meal replacement shakes to make them feel like the great lunch they missed out on.

So you need to stress the pain point while you explain how the alternative product will give them the same feeling inside when they drink the diet meal replacement shake.

Protein Shakes

Muscles, big and strong, are what people that drink protein shakes want. So your copy has to be the same.

Big, strong, bold, language on what the product is going to do for them.

Use sentences that build-up the product as big as they want their muscles.

Don’t be afraid to talk big about the product. Muscle building ad copy is in your face type language.

Tell them like it is, what they have to gain, if they don’t they lose out, drink it, they gain.

Put it Out There

Like with the protein shakes, when it comes to products that have had image issues in the past, tell them this product is different.

Don’t hide behind what people think, tell people how it was and how it is now.

Like in the Ideal Shape Reviews on, the author says that diet shakes use to be fads.

But now there is a lot more science behind the product. You might want to get specific, but you don’t want to bore them to death with details.

Bullet the specifics, and link to the details. If they’re interested enough they will visit the site and take a look.


When you are selling alternative drink products, whether as a substitute or to as an additive, make the copy sound like the product and emphasize the pain point or advantage.

Drive those points home.

Make the drink everything that they are missing out on, or what they could be.

These people really want to be what that product says it will do for them. Don’t make them doubt that it will give them that promise.

Use words to build the product up. Make it sound great, wonderful, and if they don’t use it they will be missing out.

Make their taste buds drool!

Adding Product Videos to Story Posts


Do you need to lose weight?

Isn’t that line going to mean something to most people in the States?

Diet pill copy is easy stuff to write. There is a lot of pain and people so want a quick fix. I am going to review a post that is written on diet pills, the website is

The product is Phen 375 which is a considered either a diet pill or a fatburner.

In fact, another page on the website targets fatburners. The story goes like this, the family is always on the go, they eat like crap, the fast food is making them fat and these diet pills, Phen 375, helps them keep the weight off.

The copy is good, read it if you want to see how a good story post is written. They even reference well know sites like WebMD to make it seem real.

Where they lose it though is by including stock product videos. It is such a good story and then in the middle of it there are these slanted videos. It shows the wolf-in-sheep clothing. I won’t mention the banner ads at the bottom either.

Why the story is good is that most people can relate to it. Everyone is busy, doesn’t have enough time, and relies on fast food to save some time.

We all do it. So it is believable.

Everyone can understand their plight. As well as a quick solution with the diet pills.

Another win for this copy is the use of the kid cards. They are doing everything for their children, they are the best parents in the world, they want to cook, but they don’t have the time. They run the kids around to all kinds of practices and activities.

We give them our all, just let us be skinny, we are only taking the diet pills because, well, we don’t have enough time to make decent meals. The diet pills are amazing, they make our lives complete.

Great copy, they just need to dump the videos and put up more photos of happy families – well skinny happy families – and the posts would be top-notch.

When you can write copy this good there is not need to dilute it with stock product videos and banner ads. Stick with more basic media. Keep driving the happy family motif home to the prospective buyers.

There is a time and a place for those videos. Maybe the last page, where you are grasping at straws to get people to buy.

Let your good copywriting do its job before you get desperate with the stock videos.